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As many video operators are using a cap n grow model to phase out their cable or IPTV systems in place of live streaming, Vernon Communications Coop in Wisconsin is taking a different approach. Recognizing their demographic customer base, this western Wisconsin video operator has not only added the live streaming service from Midwest Video Solutions as a stand alone service, but they are also offering it as a complementary service for their existing IPTV customers. Both solutions are part of the Innovative Systems suite of video products, and according to Vernon Member Relations Manager Emily Rozeske, the consistent look across both the streaming and IPTV platforms makes it very easy for customers to use one or both. Rozeske says the streaming component has been quite popular for customers who have IPTV, but would like the same service in other areas of their home where they don’t have Set Top Boxes wired, and with Roku, Amazon or Apple devices connected to WiFi, now they can.

Rozeske says for Vernon customers who are comfortable with streaming, this service as a stand alone coupled with their broadband is actually a better deal price wise compared to their IPTV service. The pricing is more favorable because there are less operational expenses with no installation service call, and lower capital expenses because streaming customers don’t need a set top box. To get a full video channel lineup at a price point that is in line with the national live streaming services along with local customer care is a major competitive advantage for Vernon.

MVS Streaming Headend Service Played a Major Role
MVS supplied personalized training for the Vernon team on what the customers would experience with the Innovative Systems-powered live streaming service, and Rozeske appreciated the personal touch they provided, saying that doesn’t happen too often.

MVS has wanted to offer a live streaming service for their customers like Vernon for a long time, and according to MVS Operations Director Emily Call, the Innovative Systems Live Streaming solution was the right fit for their national video headend service.

Press Release

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