Campus LaptopLiberty University, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, has launched a campus wide wireless network based on 802.11n technology, which features a wireless IPTV network. According to Campus Technology, the “…goal of the program is to provide roaming students with universal access to multi-channel video.”

The service currently delivers 15 channels of video campus wide. Students are able to access Liberty’s campus channel, ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and others via their laptops anywhere on campus. The wireless network uses Aruba and HaiVision gear. Mark Norris, Liberty’s project manager tells Campus Technology, their network “…could serve as a model for other universities that want to implement wireless IPTV and right-size network infrastructure.”

College campuses have been implementing a variety of wireless and broadband technologies, including mobile broadband and IP voice. It looks as if IPTV may be on the horizon as well. Telcos with IPTV experience may be in a good position to help college campuses enable this technology and perhaps build a support business case around it.

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2 thoughts on “Wireless IPTV Comes to Liberty University

    1. Good question. Typically universities roll the costs of access to these services into the students' tuition. But the licensing question is a good. I would assume there is a standard licensing agreement for these types of scenarios – college campuses, public establishments, etc. But the wireless nature of this example makes it interesting.

      Anybody with insight into licensing fees for this scenario?

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