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Windstream is getting involved in the development of 400G wavelength technology.

The company plans to partner with a company called II-VI Incorporated to develop next-generation transceivers that aim to streamline deployment of 400G services while reducing costs, power consumption and network complexity. II-VI is a developer of engineered materials and optoelectronic components.

Plans include using multi-layer open architecture modules that are flexible and interoperable due to a design approach built on disaggregation.

The highlights of the partnership’s goals:

  • Delivery of the first high-performance 0 dBm, 400G QSFP-DD coherent pluggable module—making these transceivers compatible with existing and emerging modern reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM)-based photonic layers supporting multi-service, multi-layer architectures;
  • Significantly increase 400G transceiver density by reducing the size and power demands of 400G pluggables relative to sled-based and even CFP2-based solutions;
  • Reduce capex and opex by allowing direct insertion of high-performance coherent optics into current 400G- enabled routers, based on the smaller form factor
  • Open up a direct technical path for the further evolution of IP-over-DWDM with ROADM-based photonic layers, extending the application space beyond simple point-to-point DCI style networks.

“This game-changing partnership is a vital step toward making 400G wavelengths the default deployment service for large wholesale and hyperscale customers,” Windstream chief network officer Buddy Bayer said in a press release. “II-VI’s high transmit power 0dBm 400G QSFP-DD DCO transceivers will enable Windstream to deploy greatly simplified network architectures, by optically connecting routers directly to access, metro, and regional transport networks without additional intermediary interfaces, eliminating an entire layer of optical equipment. This revolution in IP-over-DWDM network architecture achieves significant savings in upfront costs and ongoing expenses, affording Windstream a highly competitive operational model.”

This isn’t the first time Windstream Wholesale has gotten involved in 400G wavelength technology development. In March, Windstream Wholesale and Colt Technology Services partnered on a trial that put a 400G wavelength and multiple 100G wavelengths onto a single 600G wavelength.

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