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06.29.2010 – JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – AXIOM™ Sales Force Development announces today that Windstream Communications, a leading provider of telecommunications services, has agreed to implement AXIOM’s Selling Sciences Program (AXIOM SSPTM) for their business-to-business sales organization.

As with any business, customer satisfaction and revenue growth are primary objectives for Windstream Communications. They realized that to produce significant results in these areas, they needed more than typical sales training. Windstream began looking for a program that helped their sales organization be the best possible partners for their customers. They understood revenue growth was a byproduct of Windstream having greater impact on what its customers were trying to accomplish with their businesses. That search lead them to AXIOM’s “Selling Sciences Program.”

“Achieving successful sales results takes sales force commitment, and strong product and marketing skills,” said Sean Cox, director of business sales operations at Windstream. “However, companies also must have a process to build around and build upon, and AXIOM’s program fits extremely well as part of this strategy.”

In addition to sales and sales management training, Windstream is building components of the AXIOM SSPTM into their Sales Force Automation system, further extending the AXIOM SSP™ program into their core processes.

Press Release

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