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Clarion, Pa. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Kinetic has been awarded an $11.9 million grant to significantly expand its fiber-optic network in Clarion County, Centre County, and Erie County, Pennsylvania, by the end of 2026. This expansion will bring gigabit internet speeds to nearly 2,400 previously underserved and unserved locations.

Kinetic received the $11.9 million grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s $204 million Broadband Infrastructure Program. In addition, Kinetic will invest $11.3 million of private capital in the fiber-to-the-home project and also cover any cost overruns.

“The collaboration between Kinetic, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the stakeholders of Clarion County is a prime example of how strategic investments and partnerships can effectively address connectivity challenges in rural communities,” said Clarion County Commissioner Braxton White.

In Clarion County, a $20 million project will bring gigabit internet speeds to 1,760 locations. In Centre and Erie counties, the investment totals approximately $3 million and will deliver gigabit internet to almost 640 locations.

This landmark network expansion is made possible through a blend of funding from the American Rescue Plan Act and private capital from Kinetic, showcasing a successful public-private partnership model.

“Kinetic’s rollout of 810 miles of new fiber to these three counties underscores its commitment to bridging the digital divide, ensuring that residents and businesses in these communities will no longer be at a digital disadvantage,” said Susan Schraibman, president of Pennsylvania’s Kinetic Operations. “We’re not just building a network; we’re laying down the digital highways that will empower these communities to grow for generations to come.”

Residents and businesses can look forward to signing up for Kinetic’s fiber broadband service by the end of 2026. This service expansion will enable users to enjoy reliable gigabit speeds, unlocking a plethora of opportunities for customers to reliably work, focus on their education, and enjoy high-speed internet in all capacities.

To learn more about Kinetic, or to see if you’re eligible for Kinetic in your area, please visit our website at

Press Release

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