A new Windstream DDoS mitigation service is designed to protect customers from distributed denial of service attacks. The threat, in which servers are bombarded with so many commands from so many sources that they buckle, is not receding.

“Windstream’s DDoS Mitigation Service protects customers from a rising trend of crippling DDoS attacks that have become easier to execute,” Joseph Harding, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Windstream’s Cloud & Connectivity business unit said in a press release. “In response to customer requests for this type of capability, we are launching it with the ability to monitor and mitigate attacks on their internet circuits to help them stay connected.”

Windstream DDoS Mitigation
The Windstream DDoS mitigation service quickly identifies attacks and immediately takes steps towards mitigation, the company said. Auto-mitigation, which enables short “hit and run” attacks to be addressed, is an optional feature.

The service offers a dedicated 24×7 Security Operations Center and customers have access to a secure service portal that provides them with visibility into real-time alerts, traffic data and migration activity, according to the company.

DDoS attacks have been in the news during the past year. The most prominent purveyor of these attacks is the Mirai botnet. Guarding against DDoS attacks is even more important than it was in the past because of the ease with which they occur. Much consumer-level IoT software – particularly in surveillance cameras – is very poorly secured and is highly vulnerable to hackers. This makes DDoS attacks far easier to mount.

Windstream has a growing portfolio of business-class services, including SD-WAN, UCaaS, Ethernet, wavelength services (with optical encryption), MPLS and dedicated high-speed Internet. The company offers managed services, cloud connectivity and network security services as well. Its $1.1 billion EarthLink acquisition strengthened Windstream’s business focus as well as added a deep business customer pool.

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