The novelty and unique experience of 3D movies has spurred interest in the technology, but content producers, equipment manufacturers and retailers need to resolve several issues before widespread consumer adoption of 3DTV ensues. This according to a new report from The Nielsen Company in cooperation with the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing entitled, “Focusing on the 3DTV Experience.”

Consumers are taking a “wait and see” approach toward 3DTV. Leading the list of concerns were 3DTV set cost (68%), the necessity of wearing 3D glasses (57%) and the dearth of 3D content (44%).

Consumers may well embrace 3DTV if these issues are addressed satisfactorily, the report authors say. Fifty-seven percent of viewers surveyed agreed that they felt like they are “part of the action” when watching 3DTV while 48% said it made them feel more engaged with what they were watching. Almost half said 3DTV would lead them to watch programs they wouldn’t normally watch.

Video gamers may be 3DTV’s early adopters, the report suggests. Forty-two percent of respondents expressed interest in playing 3D video games while 71% of “hardcore” or “regular” gamers saying they are interested in doing so.

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