A Comcast voice outage yesterday illustrates the risks of network automation and virtualization and the move to the cloud.

Reports of service outages first surfaced yesterday morning, impacting business users in multiple markets nationwide, according to online news website The Verge. The report cites a statement from Comcast issued around 3:30 p.m. ET noting that the company experienced a service interruption with Comcast Business Voice and VoiceEdge Select services and that service had been restored for most customers. Comcast apologized for the outage.

Comcast Voice Outage
Comcast Business Voice Edge, launched in 2012, is a cloud-based voice and unified communications offering that eliminates the need for certain premises-based equipment and provides convenience features such as voicemail-to-email. But while the cloud-based approach enables these capabilities, it also magnifies the impact when something goes wrong. With traditional technology, outages generally were confined to relatively small geographic areas.

comcast voice outage
Comcast Voice Outage Heat Map (Source: Down Detector)

The situation is reminiscent of the 911 outage that affected seven states in 2014. A software issue with a cloud service used by 81 public safety answering points (PSAPs) caused all those PSAPs to become inoperative.

The FCC investigated the 911 outage and came up with six recommendations aimed at preventing future outages of that nature. While some of that advice pertains specifically to 911 service, some recommendations could make sense for a company like Comcast offering VoIP, UC or other cloud-based services.

For example, the FCC recommended that all parties involved in end-to-end call completion should practice situational awareness to better prepare for potential outages. The commission also recommended the development of a comprehensive set of best practices.

Ironically, the FCC noted that increased use of cloud-based 911 services were accompanied by a rise in “sunny day” 911 outages resulting for “purely technical reasons,” illustrating the dark side of technology advances.

It would be fruitless and even foolhardy to seek to prevent cloud-based services, virtualization and automation or to prolong the use of less efficient decades-old technology, however, as those technology advances can bring many benefits. Instead, outages such as the 2014 PSAP outages or Comcast’s voice outage yesterday remind us that the industry shouldn’t leap into the new technologies without carefully considering the downside and how it might be prevented.

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104 thoughts on “Widespread Comcast Voice Outage Illustrates Risks of Automation, Virtualization

    1. same here. it was out yesterday and the phone recording recognized the outage. now its out again but it didnt say anything about it being out not waiting on hold for 2 hours

    1. Our Santa Cruz business lines are down again, too. We are losing a ton of business. Comcast will be losing a lot of business after this fiasco, as well.

  1. We were down most of yesterday, and back up by 3:00 pm. Now we're down again this morning (6/7/2018).

  2. Miami, FL as well. Yesterday it was all day loss of phone service. Today it was working until 10 minutes ago.

  3. Down in the western suburbs (Chicago) – our offices are Elgin/Lombard/Oak Park – all down, second day in a row.

  4. down in McMinnville Oregon also again today. we own a tow company comcast is leaving the public stranded on the road.

  5. home health services business lines down second day, unable to transfer phone lines to cell phones, no body get a solution !!

  6. down in Minneapolis second day in a row. Tired of losing business and looking to switch service now. This is ridiculous.

  7. Phones down for 2 days in a row now. How are we expected to conduct business this way? – Miami, Fl

  8. You get excited, think the lines are up, then bam, back down. Hope this is resolved soon, once and for all.

    Down in Colorado Springs, CO

  9. Down again here in Mableton, GA (West of Atlanta)…-2nd day in a row…Get it together Comcast. We have business to tend to…

  10. There seems to be ongoing problems with Comcast telephone service! As a business owner decisions have to be made if Comcast can handle business telephone service. In my opinion they are not ready for prime time. If our telephones go down we are out of business and that is the reason we stay with AT&T (20 lines still on copper. If one line goes down it is no big thing 🙂

  11. Phones here at Stone Creek Kitchen, in Monterey, California out since yesterday (Wednesday, June 6) morning. I had to send a blast email to 4000 customers because so many coming into the store say my phone must be off the hook (yesterday callers got a busy signal). It is very peaceful here, without the phone ringing off the hook, but I know this is negatively impacting our business.

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