WiGigAnticipating the 2014 introduction of a broadband wireless interoperability standard and wireless equipment capable of operating in the 60 GHz frequency band, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced the WiGig CERTIFIED brand, complete with a certified product logo.

WiGig is expected to be a big upgrade for Wi-Fi, one that will “deliver multi-gigabit speed, low latency traffic and security-protected connectivity between nearby devices,” according to a Wi-Fi Alliance press release.

“We are excited to expand the Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability program to include WiGig CERTIFIED products, which will deliver the same security and interoperability that consumers have come to expect with Wi-Fi,” Wi-Fi Alliance president and CEO Edgar Figueroa was quoted as saying. “WiGig CERTIFIED will be an excellent complement to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, advancing our vision of seamless connectivity and extending the user experience to new applications.”

The Alliance has launched several projects addressing 60 GHz data, display and audio applications besides the WiGig product interoperability certification program. It has also established cooperative relationships with other industry associations “to help ensure delivery of the best user experience with a variety of applications on WiGig CERTIFIED products.”

Looking to include USB functionality in both WiGig CERTIFIED and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products, the Alliance has transferred the WiGig Serial Extension Specification to the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), which plans to use it “to develop a Media Agnostic USB Specification.” The USB spec will provide users greater flexibility in wirelessly connecting USB-enabled devices.

The Wi-Fi Alliance also has entered into a Liaison Agreement with the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) that will facilitate the certification of products based on the WiGig Display Extension Specification that is to be included in some WiGig CERTIFIED products.

“The collaboration between VESA and Wi-Fi Alliance was designed to define the next generation standard of wireless display technology,” commented VESA executive director Bill Lempesis. “The ability to connect PCs and handhelds to monitors, projectors and HDTVs wirelessly is highly desired among consumers and IT users. We believe that the wireless ecosystem stands to benefit from both our ongoing collaboration and the introduction of WiGig CERTIFIED.”

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