verizon aolVerizon sees tremendous content monetization capabilities coming from its recent AOL acquisition, according to Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) Chief Product Officer Ted Middleton. In addition to generating a lot of quality content, AOL brings great technology for content monetization, which Verizon intends to leverage across several fronts.

“People are looking for new and interesting ways to monetize content, and that’s through content itself, in other words it’s subscription, a la carte, pay-per-view etc., right, so there’s models around content and then advertising is obviously a complementary component to that,” said Middleton. “So what AOL brings to Verizon is really a whole set of technology assets and content itself, so AOL is a huge owner of content and properties that generate content.”

What Does AOL Really Mean for Verizon?
Verizon’s goal with AOL is to leverage its technology around content discovery, syndication, and recommendation, as well as advertising, to help them leverage the ongoing monumental shift to digital content distribution for monetary gain. Merging VDMS’ content management services for publishers with these AOL capabilities will lead to an explosion in business models and opportunities said Middleton.

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