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August 18, 2020 — SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services, a new Calix services offering that extends the value of Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) and Calix Support Cloud (CSC) Customer Success Services. This offering enables communications service providers (CSPs) to deliver new subscriber services like parental controls (ExperienceIQ™) and advanced security (ProtectIQ™) through digital storefronts. By capturing these upsell opportunities and providing advanced services to subscribers, CSPs ensure that they remain competitive in their markets. Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services will help CSPs accelerate time-to-market, deliver best-in-class applications, and generate more revenue per subscriber (ARPU).

This new service offering builds on the proven model of Calix Customer Success—available to marketing teams and support teams—alongside the two Calix Cloud platforms. Historically, CSPs have lost out on critical brand positioning to third-party consumer applications, which hijack their relationships with subscribers. Turning EDGE Systems powered by the EXOS® platform into digital storefronts loaded with value-generating applications eliminates the need for subscribers to purchase third-party consumer gateways.

“Revenue EDGE Customer Success will help us meet several goals with the Revenue EDGE Suites and CommandIQ app—addressing competition, generating revenue, and increasing subscriber stickiness,” said Carla Shearer, general manager for Kansas-based SCTelcom. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Customer Success Services along with Support Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The ongoing training and guidance from Calix have given our operations and support teams the confidence to manage and upsell Revenue EDGE Suites. Calix has also helped our marketing team scale highly effective, accelerated go-to-market campaigns. The Calix Customer Success team has kept us accountable on all fronts and helped us achieve our goals. We look forward to continuing our work with Calix to extend those capabilities.”

In addition to SCTelcom, numerous CSPs have leveraged Calix Customer Success Services customers to drive measurable results. South Carolina-based West Carolina Tel has combined CMC and the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) by as much as 31 percent while slashing rate-limit hits for subscribers by more than 90 percent. Montana-based Nemont has had similar success, increasing year-over-year revenue by 65 percent thanks to investing in CMC to maximize the success of its managed Wi-Fi offering.

Communications service providers can realize the full power of the Revenue EDGE only when their go-to-market plans are coordinated across multiple departments spanning marketing, customer support, and field operations. Revenue EDGE Customer Success ensures this coordination by aligning, enabling, and upskilling all three teams with expert guidance, industry best practices, and role-based training. Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services enables CSPs to turn EDGE Systems into digital storefronts, fully loaded with EDGE Suites that they promote, sell, deliver, and manage. The new service will be automatically provided to Revenue EDGE customers who have made the investment in both CMC and CSC Customer Success Services.

This new service will also leverage Revenue EDGE market activation resources to accelerate campaign planning and execution. Revenue EDGE Customer Success Services will help CSPs with:

  • Targeting backed by data to leverage insights about subscriber needs
  • Pricing that facilitates upsell opportunities
  • Packaging that promotes brand value and differentiation
  • Promotions that create greater subscriber intimacy, loyalty and reduce churn
  • This level of support for CSPs reinforces a longstanding commitment at Calix to enabling customer success.

“Our purpose at Calix is to help customers,” said Martha Galley, vice president of customer engagement for Calix. “Revenue EDGE Success services builds on a winning model we established with Calix Cloud®, which has helped hundreds of customers accelerate their businesses by reducing truck rolls, service calls, and subscriber churn. For example, we helped WCTEL leverage real-time behavioral insights to reduce their service-limit hits by 92 percent. SCTelcom is another fantastic example—we worked with Carla Shearer to help her team achieve an amazing 52 percent campaign take rate through tailoring their marketing efforts with our Success team. We’ll always be here to help customers continuously improve the subscriber experience so they can deliver value and grow their business.”

Press Release

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