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Santa Clara, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – IP Infusion, manufacturer of carrier-grade networking software, announced today that Vyve Broadband, a Multiple-System Operator (MSO) providing residential and commercial data, voice, and video service to rural communities, has chosen to upgrade their core network infrastructure to the OcNOS network operating system. With this upgrade, Vyve is replacing an existing NOS installation by utilizing a variety of white box network hardware from Edgecore Networks. This upgraded network provides seamless operation with existing network equipment, while meeting the demand brought on by rapid customer growth.

Vyve Broadband is a leading national provider of high-speed data, video, and voice services, offering connectivity and entertainment solutions to residential and business customers. Acquisition of Vyve, Eagle, and Northland Communications presented the challenge of integrating three disparate networks into one common infrastructure. OcNOS provided a common platform to seamlessly bridge and ultimately replace these legacy networks, resulting in benefits to network stability and lowered operating costs.

Critical to Vyve’s upgrade strategy was a standardized deployment plan and rapid rollout. New York-based RocNet Supply, a specialist in broadband and fiber network infrastructure, provided design and testing expertise to ensure a seamless deployment.

“RocNet was able to set up a deployment lab with Edgecore hardware running OcNOS to test the configuration, and begin rolling out the solution within three months,” said Mike Baker, CEO of RocNet. “This represents about half the time to revenue that we typically see from other vendors.”

“Working with IP Infusion OcNOS, we experienced significant operation benefits,” said Randy Horn, Vice President of Network Engineering at Vyve Broadband. “We were able to standardize architecture, configuration, procedures, management, documentation, and training on a common platform, leading to quicker deployment cycles, and increased network stability. By the time we were one-third through our deployment, we realized a significant drop in support calls to Vyve’s care centers, which we were able to attribute to higher network reliability resulting in fewer network impacting events. Vyve’s transition to white box core fits into our overall strategy of distributed disaggregated network architecture. We have realized multiple benefits early, utilizing the flexibility to convert existing hardware from one NOS provider to OcNOS, gaining the necessary feature sets to build a state-of-the-art service-provider network meeting the demands of our rapid growth. OcNOS gets us to our ultimate network goal of controller-based segment routing and provides the extensibility to fit our automation plans.”

“Interoperability and stability without sacrificing performance is a hallmark of IP Infusion products,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion. “Our networking customers are increasingly turning to open networking software to provide functional performance on par with traditional chassis vendors, at a fraction of the cost.”

Webinar, July 13, 2023 at 12:30 pm Pacific Time / 3:30 pm Eastern Time

Register here to join our Webinar with Vyve Broadband and analyst firm GigaOm to learn more about Vyve’s OcNOS deployment.

Press Release

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