Captech, a 300-person IT consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, Va., has found its videoconferencing system saved money on travel costs, but that’s not why the firm adopted the technology, and the company also found it is using the technology in ways it did not originally intend.

IT operations manager Brett Bajcsi said that as Captech grew beyond one office–it now has five, plus other remote employees scattered around the country–it needed a way to keep people from feeling disconnected. You might not be able to quantify the business benefit of making all employees feel they actually work with other people at one company, but that was the driver.

‘As you find yourself distributed into more markets, it’s harder to bring people together,’ Bajcsi said. ‘The big challenge for me is: How do I find a way to make people feel like they work for Captech?'”

Return on investment or total cost of ownership therefore was not the most crucial perceived benefit.
Recruiting, training, and client interaction are other areas in which the videoconferencing system also provides benefits, Captech has since discovered,

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