Facts on FiOSIn the fierce competitive battle for subscribers between cable and telco, marketing efforts can sometimes get a little murky concerning the facts. It’s kind of like political campaigns. We’ve all seen cable ads that slip in ‘fiber’ or ‘fiber optics’ in some way, subtly suggesting that they too, in addition to FiOS, offer fiber services. Of course we all know, they don’t offer fiber to the home, Verizon’s claim to fame for the time being. In an effort to get the facts straight, Verizon has launched a new site, Facts on FiOS.

Let’s be clear – Facts on FiOS has more to do with marketing FiOS than clearing up advertising misinformation. It’s another example of service providers leveraging web 2.0 strategies to reach ‘digital’ or ‘connected’ customers. The site is heavily laden with video and social networking features. It’s nice, but I don’t think they have to worry about it going viral.

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One thought on “Verizon Wants the Facts Straight on FiOS

  1. if verizon is serious about getting the facts straight on fios, why don't they discuss their fios billing problems and all the other headaches that too many customers go through when signing up for the service. those aren't facts?

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