Verizon network abstract

Verizon touted the benefits of the massive multi-year redesign of its network architecture in a press release today. The redesign has tapped network virtualization to enable the telco to enhance the customer experience, the company said.

Included in the redesign is the development of a Kubernetes-based Webscale Cloud platform for all core network functions, cloud-native architecture, extensive orchestration and automation, and end-to-end virtualization.

These technological advancements will enable the company to deliver improvements to customers on a frequent basis, leveraging continuous delivery techniques and automation, according to Verizon.

Changes that once took weeks, now take only a few hours to implement, without any downtime, Verizon said. These changes, such as upgrades designed to improve mobility handovers, reduce call drops, improve network resiliency and security, introduce new fixed wireless access (FWA) features, improve latency, or any other customer experience improvement, now take only hours, rather than weeks to implement, according to the telco.

The multi-year transformation included building the Verizon Cloud Platform and subsequently introducing Webscale cloud-native achitecture.

“This has been one of the biggest transformations in our company’s history, and our goal through the entire process has been to introduce the most advanced technologies available while making the changes as transparent as possible for our customers,” Adam Koeppe, Verizon senior vice president of network and technology planning, said in a prepared statement.

“With the changes we’ve made to the bedrock of our networks, we are able to very efficiently manage our network and rapidly deploy enhancements for our customers without interrupting their services, leading to greater reliability, enhanced services and higher customer satisfaction.”

Verizon previously highlighted the ability of the virtualized network to support slicing and edge computing.

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