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What: Welcome to Verizon. Starting tomorrow, switch to Verizon to get our best price ever. For a limited time, get Welcome Unlimited – with unlimited talk, text, and data on Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network – for just $25 per line per month for four lines (plus taxes and fees, with Auto Pay) when you bring four phones.1 And the price is guaranteed for 3 years! You don’t even need to buy a new phone. Just bring the one you have, it’s that easy. 

Why: It’s the savings that last on the network you want. We’re making it easy to switch to Verizon with our best price ever – guaranteed for three years (price guarantee excludes taxes and fees).

How: Join Verizon, the network America relies on, and sign up for Welcome UnlimitedNo need to buy a new phone. Bring the phone you have, and your phone number too, it’s that easy. Make an appointment at your local retail store, chat with us, or sign up online. 

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3 thoughts on “Verizon to Launch $25-Per-Line Offer for New Multi-Line Customers

  1. That’s BS when I have a 55+ account with 2 lines for $80 and you are offering new customers $100 for 4 lines for 3 years. Us old people in our 70’s always get screwed.

  2. Yup… so disgusted that customers of 15+ years are not offered a Better deal or AT LEAST the same as so called “new” customers. That is an insult. Instead of giving to “new” people any many who switch in and out… why not take care of your LOYAL customers and make it so that we speak so highly of the company and so highly of how well we are taken care of that you get more referrals.

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