We all know that TDM’s days are numbered. The migration to an all IP network is underway. The only question is how long will it take for IP to replace TDM as the underlying technology for all voice services. I’ve seen predictions of decades. Apparently thinks seven years. “We’ve built our business over the years with circuit-switched voice being our bread and butter . . . but increasingly, we are in the business of selling, basically, data connectivity,” Verizon Chief Marketing Officer John Stratton tells the Bloomberg News (via the ). Stratton predicted that Verizon will move to IP for all of its voice traffic in seven years.

They’ve already announced the launch of which is an all IP voice service. AT&T is doing something similar with . The transition to IP will be seamless to subscribers, but will require considerable investment in new switching equipment. Seven years seems quite ambitious, especially considering CAPEX budgets are being squeezed. Is seven years a realistic timeframe?

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2 thoughts on “Verizon: TDM Voice Dead in Seven Years

  1. With much of the US migrating to softswitches like Nortel’s CS2K, much of our calls are switched IP already. The question is more how quickly it will extend from the core to the edge.

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