filed a false advertising suit against in the southern district of New York. Verizon said Time Warner Cable’s TV ads wrongly portray Verizon’s video service as a satellite delivered video service that does not offer the triple play. As a result, Verizon says Time Warner Cable is improperly positioning Time Warner Cable as a better technology for triple play services. This current lawsuit joins many others, some of which have been settled, that pit telecom and video service providers against each other in the high stakes game of wooing potential triple play and video customers. DirecTV has seen its fair share of lawsuits. So too have other cable companies.

Verizon claims these ads are causing “immediate and irreparable harm,” and is seeking an injunction barring Time Warner Cable from running the ads, as well as issuing a retractment of the ads claims. Verizon is also seeking damages, including lost profits and attorney’s fees. Time Warner Cable spokesman Alex Dudley tells , “We feel the lawsuit is without merit and we look forward to defending against it in the appropriate venue.”

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