FiOSVerizon is rolling out to FiOS subscribers the Verizon In-Home Agent, a set of support tools used to troubleshoot issues and set up services. In Home Agent mimics a Verizon customer service rep, allowing subscribers to:  configure Wi-Fi links; set up and manage voice mail; auto-fix video problems; and trouble shoot and correct Internet problems — all without the need for calling into a call center. Additionally, on-screen ‘Quick Codes’ simplify “fixes for many TV service problems.”

“Many service requests, either for feature or function setup or operational issues, can now be resolved without a phone call,” explained Bill Foshay, senior vice president for Verizon Telecom regional operations.

Verizon’s FiOS home network connects PCs, broadband home routers, set-top boxes and TVs and links them to Verizon operating systems and information resources. Among the features being made accessible via the In-Home Agent, subscribers can set up new wireless PC connections and email accounts, initialize broadband routers, order or reauthorize subscription TV channels, modify phone features and access voice mail accounts, retrieve instructions by phone or email and obtain step-by-step instructions for set-up issues, only without having to be walked through these procedures by customer services reps, according to the company.

Another example of using computerized automation to cut down on labor costs, or a real breakthrough in self care?  FiOS customers will have to decide.  Verizon management appears confident it is the former.

“This is the kind of breakthrough in service delivery that keeps Verizon’s FiOS service ahead of the competition,” Foshay said.  “With this tool, we are again outpacing the industry with breakthrough advances in service quality and innovation.  We’re proving once again that our advanced fiber network is a big winner in the marketplace.”

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