Verizon is apparently accelerating their femtocell launch strategy. Engadget is reporting a January 25th launch for a which they report will retail for $250. The femtocell creates an in-home wireless gateway for mobile calling, covering approximately 5,000 square feet. The Verizon femtocell is built by Samsung and supports three simultaneous calls. Rather than the nearest cell tower, wireless traffic within a femtocell equipped home is routed over the subscriber’s home broadband network.

Femtocells are an interesting proposition. One perspective suggests that wireless carriers are charging customers to remove wireless traffic off of their tower infrastructure. Not a bad proposition for them. On the other hand, femtocells could be perceived as adding value to a wireless subscription by providing better in-home coverage and lessening the need and expense of a wireline phone. Customers may look at it as a way to ‘save’ money over the long term. Regardless, it will be somewhat of a tough sell in these economic times. Expenditures of $250 are receiving considerable scrutiny these days. I’m not sure femtocells will demonstrate enough value among mainstream consumers to see significant buy in. At least not yet.

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2 thoughts on “Verizon Launching Femtocells This Month?

  1. Not sure this will catch on. UMA on Wi-Fi seems like a much better option. Why deploy femtocelss when you already have thousands of wi-fi spots already placed.

  2. $250 is too much for more people. Perhaps a small business that regular experiences poor coverage in the office would be able to justify it, but the price needs to be $99 or less for the average consumer to consider it.

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