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Software Automates Many Tasks for Property Managers While Allowing Residents and Tenants to Manage Home or Office Services From Various Smartphones and Remotely With a Web Browser

NEW YORK – March 25, 2010 –Verizon, promoting a digital lifestyle, will offer a virtual property management service called Verizon Concierge to residential and commercial properties that have FiOS services, or soon will have them.

The offering, to be provided free of charge, organizes all of a building’s available concierge amenities under one master platform and interface that automates many repetitive tasks, such as delivery and visitor management, allowing the building staff to focus on providing a more personalized service to occupants.

Additionally, Verizon Concierge – accessible via any Web browser, mobile application for popular smartphones and soon on FiOS TV – allows a building’s occupants to communicate with each other to set up carpools or clubs; have quick and easy access to schedule property amenities, and set up services from local businesses such as dry cleaners and taxis; and make reservations at a local restaurant or place a takeout order.

Verizon Concierge can even store the user’s favorite takeout orders and payment information so reordering is as easy as one click via any Web browser or on a smartphone application.

“Verizon Concierge catapults buildings and their occupants into the digital age by leveraging our super-fast all-fiber-optic network,” said Eric Cevis, vice president of Verizon Enhanced Communities, which markets and sells communications and entertainment services to single- and multiple-home communities, and small and medium commercial sites.

“Our new service is a robust property management system that can become, replace or work in tandem with existing backend systems, increasing efficiency and potential cost savings for property owners and managers. It will help to further differentiate a property with Verizon FiOS services from one without,” Cevis said.

Once a FiOS-enabled property signs up for Verizon Concierge, a customized platform is developed, based on the property’s amenities and the surrounding services. Verizon Concierge can be accessed via the property’s customized Web page or via a smartphone, after downloading an application.

(Click here to see a video on Verizon Concierge.)

For property owners and managers, Verizon Concierge can easily track work orders, and the system prompts for updates until the work is completed. It can also be an invaluable service during an emergency, enabling a property manager to instantly send a voice call to the building’s occupants – on up to five phone numbers per occupant, simultaneously, an option not available with other property management systems.

For residents and tenants, Verizon Concierge provides services like those in a five-star hotel, streamlining many tasks and making their execution digital, which increases efficiency and saves time.

Parkside Villa Apartments, the first property to sign up for Verizon Concierge, will bring the service to Parkside’s complex of 57 apartments in California. “We are excited to implement Verizon Concierge in our community in Granada Hills and bring our residents to the digital age,” said Melissa Hancock, property manager of Parkside Villa Apartments.

Verizon Concierge is developed and supported by Simplikate on its award-winning platform, which has been deployed in more than 4,000 properties (more than 1 million units) and hotels worldwide.

Tushar Patel, CEO of Simplikate, said, “Simplikate’s platform was specifically upgraded for Verizon Concierge to work on all major smartphones, the Web and FiOS TV, simultaneously allowing residents and tenants the freedom and flexibility to use the device that’s at their fingertips.”

Property owners seeking an even more robust virtual concierge experience can explore further integration with local services and amenities by adding optional hardware accessories such as flat-screen lobby displays, full video-camera integration packages, wireless package scanning and tracking, and office- or lobby-based ID cameras for documenting guests and issuing contractor badges.

Residential and commercial property owners and developers interested in bringing Verizon’s FiOS services to their properties can call 1-866-638-6066, e-mail or visit for more information.

Press Release

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