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NEW YORK – December 10, 2009 – Verizon has launched its newest feature for FiOS TV and voice customers – Caller ID on TV. Customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas are the first to experience the new service, which is being offered at no additional charge.

Customers who qualify and opt to use the new service will see incoming caller ID information displayed for several seconds in the corner of their TV screen. They can then decide if they want to pause the program they are watching and answer the call, or continue watching TV and let the call go to their voice mailbox.

“Caller ID on FiOS TV makes life easier by giving you quick on-screen information about incoming calls,” said Benigno Gonzalez, executive director for Verizon FiOS product development. “You don’t have to miss a minute of your favorite TV show, sporting event, on-demand movie or other entertainment to answer calls that aren’t urgent, while having the option to pause programming to answer those really important calls.”

Verizon plans to introduce the service in other FiOS markets in the future. The service requires customers to have both FiOS TV and a FiOS voice service, and some customers must also subscribe to FiOS Internet to qualify.

FiOS TV customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas need only check the “Settings” category on their Interactive Media Guide main menu and then click on “Caller ID” to determine if the service is available to them. Qualifying customers also can use the Interactive Media Guide to set how long they want the caller ID alert to appear on their TV screen and where on the screen they would like it to be positioned.

Verizon FiOS brings 100 percent fiber optics straight to the home, delivering America’s top-rated broadband service with download connections speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, pure HD TV channels with amazing picture-and-sound quality, and interactive capabilities that cable can’t match. For more information about the many advantages of FiOS TV and FiOS Internet services, visit

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