Verizon announced a new pricing promotion that offers “lifetime” pricing for their 768K and 3 Mbps DSL tiers. If subscribers agree to a two year contract at $14.99/month (768K) or $27.99/month (3 Mbps), they are guaranteed that price level for life, provided they maintain a Verizon voice line. This new pricing promotion takes direct aim at cable modem’s higher price structure and cable’s perceived reputation for raising rates. The reality of the promotion is more fanfare than true value.

While the pricing seems somewhat attractive initially, the idea that subscribers will remain with these tiers for life is unlikely. Lower broadband speeds of 768K and 3 Mbps are not sufficient to keep up with consumers growing broadband appetite. Some would compare 768K DSL as the new “dial-up,” and 3 Mbps, while proving adequate for most people today, is no “lifetime” broadband solution. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that many subscribers to this promotion will seek higher speed tiers before the two year commitment expires, thus unable to gain their lifetime pricing benefit.

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4 thoughts on “Verizon Launches DSL For Life Pricing

  1. Well I had the $14.99/month for life rate for a few years now, last year it went up to 19.99 so I called and they were giving me a credit on my bill for $5, this month it went up so I called, they said this plan wasn't valid anymore. I said it stated for life but he said that didn't mean anything, verizon says in the fine print they can cancel it anytime. the sad thing is I still don't know of dsl for less than $20 a month so I guess I'll stay, but I really feel screwed right now (and not in a good way). I see this original post is a few years old, but is anyone still getting the $14.99 a month for life rate, which they cancelled for me?

    1. They did the same thing to me, and I threatened to leave and they put it back to $14.99. It took quite a bit of arguing. This was back around when you posted your complaint in 2013. Interesting to see they did the same to you.

  2. This just happened to me yesterday. I had the $17.99 price for life for high speed internet and this month it "went up" to $24.99. I called, eventually spoke to a manager, mentioned that any small print allowing them to change amount on a "for life" price would not hold up in court and that I was guessing they had attempted this fraud on thousands of other individuals. I also threatened to leave Verizon. They agreed that if I could send them a copy of the original offer (I kept it somewhere but it would have taken hours to find) they would keep my price intact. About a minute after I hung up, I got a call back; the manager "Ray" had looked "further" into my account and found that I did indeed have a price for life and agreed that a credit for the difference would show up on following month's bill and I could keep my price for life. Hope they don't try it again!

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