Apparently FTTH is not enough. Verizon wants FTTH on steroids. Hence their today that they are moving to a architecture for future FiOS build outs. All jokes aside, the move is a prudent one. If you’re going to spend billions on a FTTH network, why not utilize the best technology available. GPON expands the capabilities of their previous FiOS technology, , by about fourfold. With GPON, 100 Mbps to the home is achievable. Of course don’t look for it any time soon. Verizon says the typical GPON customer won’t be able to tell the difference from a typical BPON served customer. At least not yet.

Verizon’s strategy is clear. They want to have the biggest, baddest network around. One that won’t be scared by a competing Comcast network. Which by the way, Comcast announced today at they will begin to roll out in 2008. The ongoing head-to-head battle will only intensify.

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