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Verizon says that it is exchanging more than 24 million calls daily with U.S. wireless carriers using STIR/SHAKEN, a standard designed to ensure that customers are not “spoofed.” So far, Verizon says that it has “protected” more than 75 million customers from more than 10 billion spam calls.

The goal of STIR/SHAKEN is to ensure that the ID shown on the receiver device’s Caller ID is the actual caller. Verizon said last December that it certified STIR/SHAKEN with the FCC and had implemented the technology.

A press release said that it now is using STIR/SHAKEN with about 80% of the U.S. wireless industry, including with “the no. 2 and no. 3 wireless carriers” – no doubt T-Mobile and AT&T. It also says it is working with “a major wireline provider.”


“This latest STIR/SHAKEN milestone is a key part of our overall efforts to combat these unwanted calls,” Verizon Consumer Group EVP and CEO Ronan Dunne said in a press release about the Verizon STIR/SHAKEN implementation. “There is always more to be done, but this is yet another important step for the industry and customers should rest assured that we remain vigilant in our efforts to take down the bad guys and protect them.”

Verizon said that robocall traffic significantly increased since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns started. The carrier said it took steps that have reduced robocalls to Verizon by between 250 million and 500 million per month during 2021.

It did this by using USTelecom’s Industry Traceback Group to identify where robocalls originate and insisting that its wholesale customers do the same. The carrier also created and expanded honeypots, which are lines that identify and surveil robocall campaigns. The goal is to identify the source and alert law enforcement. Verizon now has more than 200,000 honeypots across its wireless and toll free numbers.

The FCC adopted rules requiring the use of STIR/SHAKEN on March 31, 2020. The deadline for implementation in the IP portions of carrier networks is June 30. However, several carriers—including Verizon—said that they planned to implement the rules early.

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15 thoughts on “Verizon Fights Robocalls by Exchanging 24M STIR/SHAKEN Calls Daily

  1. I received 3 calls of spoofed numbers within seconds of the previous one ending from my area code all from the same scammer saying that it was discover card with an offer for zero interest on my credit card. I know discover is an 800 number. Im on the do not call list i enter my number yearly to make sure im on the still getting the packistani SOCIAL security scam that a car regestered to me was found in texas with cocaine and blood on the seat and they are putting my card on hold… I was getting 10 or more calls a day

    1. Ask the FTC about untold 20 plus years storyline behind Bell Atlantic now Verizon and Caller ID Screener phone innovation that let phone owners control all incoming calls and texts messages from disturbing or irritating phone owners with unwanted Robocalls and Texts Messages

  2. If Bell Atlantic now Verizon really want to stop spoof calling , robocalls and unwanted text message it would have done it 20 plus years ago. But it’s 20 plus years untold storyline between Bell Atlantic now Verizon and Caller ID Screener, automatically Screening out nonpriority Callers and text message from any access of owners phone. Ensure each time phone rings or text message it’s something of importance. Eliminating phone owners from monitoring Caller ID displays whether or not phone owners wants to pick up phone or not. This is why I say who is hiding it’s origin? Untold 20 plus years storyline behind Bell Atlantic now Verizon and Caller ID Screener stopping spoof calling, robocalls and unwanted text message.

  3. I have verizon as my landline. I have signed up for all the protection that it promises, including nomorobo (which is worthless). I get 20-30 spam calls per day. I shall cancel verizon as soon as i can persuade my wife that we are being ripped off and that they have zero interest in actually blocking spam. Tmobile,who i use for wireless,does a much better job.

    1. You right Verizon been hiding #1 phone innovation solutions phone invention CALLER ID SCREENER for 20 plus years storyline. Let American phone consumer’s control and protect it’s own personal privacy and Data on phone devices. You pay the phone bill so why you need some call centers to monitor your phone information details. Then sell your information Data to Advertiser’s.

    2. I agree yet theirs a 20 plus years untold storyline behind Bell Atlantic now Verizon and #1 phone invention Caller ID Screener automatically Screening out nonpriority Callers and text message from any access of owners phone. Eliminating the need to monitor phone Caller ID displays whether or not phone owners want to pick up phone or not. Ensuring that each time phone rings or text messages it’s something of importance.

  4. I get 3 to 5 robocalss a day from hotels, social security, car warrantees and individuals who try their scams. The numbers come up as people’s names and cities. I block them and they show up again under a different name. Your shake/stir program doesn’t work.

  5. I am sick and tired of people calling me from New York, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin you the industry’s do have the means and possibilities the screen these calls so do it for the public we’re sick of it ! sincerely Joel vargas’!!!

    1. I feel like you and millions other’s phone owners. We have the technology to send people to the moon and perform open heart surgery yet big tech companies can’t stop robocall and robocall spoofing. It’s a #1 20 plus untold storyline behind Bell Atlantic now Verizon and Caller ID Screener phone innovation solution invention.

  6. A nice try but all the government does when someone is caught is to levy huge fines which are laughingly ignored and never paid. Hefty jail time would put a stop to alot of this.

  7. I have Verizon for cell service and get numberous scam calls daily! Spectrum land line is no better. Sad when theives can outsmart Big Tech and Feds!

  8. I hate that I pay for my phone but I can only use it for outgoing calls. I’m told I have to purchase a robo call stopper but that does not work. I wonder how many important calls I’ve missed throughout the years. This is wrong! I get them to refinance my mortgage, I get them from places pushing Medicare supplements, etc. If I can recognize these companies why can’t the phone companies go after them.

  9. Try WideProtect if you have an iPhone. You can block area codes and prefix’s from obvious spoof callers. It gives you the option to make sure any one in your contact list gets through regardless. It’s more number specific than the iPhone’s silence all unknown callers. And, the calls blocked by WideProtect do not go to voicemail. They are flat out blocked. Example block (270) 594-XXXX. Takes care of all the Bond, KY calls I get.

  10. Tech question what was rivals access technology leading to Verizon plea to Supreme Court blocking rivals access phone technology that automatically separate bad actors from good actors detail data information on digital phone devices?

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