Verizon Expands 5G Services in Northeast, Iowa

Verizon today announced expansions of its 5G Ultra Wideband fixed wireless service in the Northeast and its 5G Ultra Wideband wireless service in Iowa.

Ultra Wideband is the brand name that Verizon uses for its fastest 5G service, which uses mid-band and millimeter wave spectrum.

Fixed Wireless Expansion

The carrier is providing new wireless home and business internet options via fixed wireless services that use 5G Ultra Wideband to customers in Newark and Trenton, NJ, Syracuse, NY and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Plans for these services for current customers start at $25 per month with AutoPay and a select 5G mobile plan. The price is guaranteed for two or three years, depending on a customer’s plan. Customers also have the option of cancelling within 30 days and can receive up to $500 toward termination fees if they switch to Verizon from another provider.

“Residents and businesses in the Northeast have enjoyed the reliability and fast speeds of our Fios services, and now we’re excited to bring our 5G Home and 5G Business Internet services to more people in the area,” said Chris Flood, Verizon northeast consumer vice president, in a prepared statement. “This expansion will also provide our customers the opportunity to save on their home internet when they combine with select Verizon mobile plans.”

5G Mobile Service Expansion

In Iowa, residents across Ames, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City now have access to higher mobile speeds and greater capacity from Verizon’s 5G UltraWideband network.

The service is designed to provide the speed that consumers need today to download huge documents and stream movies in HD audio and video, as well as to play console quality games and conduct video chats, video conferencing and FaceTime calls with clear sound and video, Verizon said.

The carrrier’s first 5G Ultra Wideband cell sites in each of these communities are now live, with more planned. In the coming months, Verizon expects to deploy 5G Ultra Wideband service to downtown Iowa City, the University of Iowa campus, the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area including the Rockwell Collins campus, downtown Ames and Iowa State University campus.

“Verizon is widely known for having the most reliable 5G network experience, and it’s exciting to see the positive impact our work has had in Iowa,” Dean Brauer, Verizon vice president of engineering and operations, said in a prepared statement. “Our network engineers work tirelessly to provide unmatched connectivity to our customers across Ames, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and beyond, and we will not slow down.”

Verizon recently announced that its 5G Ultra Wideband service is now available to 200 million people.

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  1. According to Verizon, the service is built to give customers the bandwidth they need to do things like download large files quickly, stream high-definition movies with high-quality audio and video, play games on their gaming consoles, and have crystal-clear video and audio during online conversations like video chats, video conferences, and FaceTime calls.

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