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Verizon won broadband funding from two Pennsylvania counties recently. In an interview with Telecompetitor, Verizon Vice President of Business Operations for Wireline Networks Doug Sullivan offered details about the wins, which are for areas where the company has begun deploying its Fios fiber broadband service.

A Verizon spokesperson provided additional information about funding that the company won in two Virginia counties, where construction also has commenced.

Verizon Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania awards were for Washington and Westmoreland counties. Both counties awarded funding to Verizon that they received through the federal State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund program that was established in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Verizon will contribute more than half of total project costs of $9 million to the builds. The company will deploy its Fios fiber broadband service.

Verizon is the incumbent carrier in some parts of the counties where it won funding, Sullivan said. Some other providers also made bids for the funding.

The counties did not provide funding applicants with details about whatever scoring system it would use to make awards, but Sullivan believes Verizon won because “We are present in supporting the community in a lot of different regards and we have a long-standing work force. . . There are so many things that we deliver as a company that gave us a really compelling argument.”

He also noted that in other areas where the company has won funding, “we’re delivering well ahead of schedule, and I think that some of that builds up momentum that says ‘We’re the right partner.’”

Using a hyperbole, Sullivan said, “We’ve been here forever, and we’ll be here forever.”

Verizon expects to apply for similar funding in other areas, Sullivan said, though he didn’t provide specifics.

The company expects to hire additional workforce to support the deployments, he also noted.


The Virginia counties where Verizon has begun to deploy Fios in projects funded, in part, through government funding are Carolina and Greensville counties.

Some of the funding came through the ARPA state and local program and some came through a state-level program that also used ARPA funding.

Verizon will contribute a bit more than half of total project costs of $15 million for the two counties.

Additional information about the Verizon Pennsylvania awards and builds can be found in this press release.

Additional information about the Virginia builds and awards can be found here.

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