Cut down your expenses. Cut the cord on your home phone. Verizon’s words, not ours. Ok, truth be told, its , and its copy from a marketing campaign that targets non Verizon wireline territory. For now at least. As , while it’s ironic that Verizon is doing this, it’s certainly not surprising. After all, Verizon Wireless has to make their numbers just like any other business unit at the communications conglomerate.

Telecom carriers of all kinds and sizes have struggled with how to sell and market potentially competing services. VoIP as a service comes to mind. Then there’s broadband – at its core, offering broadband is akin to opening the gates and letting a ‘trojan horse’ in. Some will argue, eat your own lunch before a competitor does. At least you still maintain the customer relationship, even if you take a revenue hit. After all, some revenue beats no revenue, every day of the week.

The more complex question is how to manage this potential cannibalization process smartly. If done incorrectly, you may just put yourself out of business. It requires careful consideration of unique market factors and should be approached in a systemic way, not a reactive one.

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2 thoughts on “Verizon: Cut Your Landline, You Don’t Need it Anymore

  1. Hey if metroPCS can go after landline customers, why not VZW. Growth has to come from somewhere for these wireless companies. The only way they can continue to grow is to steal each others customers or take landline customers.

  2. It's not surprising that it's Verizon rather than AT&T, given that Verizon isn't wholly owned by a traditional phone company and AT&T is. AT&T (Wireless) is really the only wireless company I wouldn't expect to see this from

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