Verizon Connect charges up EV fleet

Verizon Connect is working with fleet electrification analytics firm Sawatch Labs to help organizations as they consider a move toward electric vehicles (EVs).

The type of questions that Sawatch Labs will address provide a feel for just how vital good data will be during this transition. Questions that the partnership aims to answer for clients include the distance companies drive, how often vehicles would need to be charged and whether charging stations would need to be installed at corporate locations or if employees could charge EVs at home.

The partnership serves organizations with fleets of more than 10 vehicles. Sawatch uses vehicle data from Verizon Connect Reveal, Verizon’s fleet management software platform, to perform a number of analytic measures including feasibility and infrastructure planning. The platform, Verizon says, generates insights into ways that EVs can meet an organization’s needs, suggestions on right-sizing fleets and help with procurement and assignment decisions.

Verizon Connect is the brand that Verizon established in March 2018 for its connected vehicle division.

“Every fleet is thinking about going to EVs, and the new Verizon Connect and Sawatch Labs integration helps them decide budget, timing, charging, staffing – everything they need to consider in the process, leaving nothing to chance,” Erin Cave, Verizon Connect’s Director of Product Management, said in a press release about the Verizon electric vehicles news. “Using Verizon Connect Reveal will give customers the critical data they need to make smarter, more cost-effective, long-term investments in their fleets, their business and in the environment.”

Last month, Verizon said Verizon Connect Reveal was completely migrated to AWS. The suite uses the AWS multiple Available Zone architecture, according to a press release.

This is a high stakes issue. Verizon noted that the U.S. Energy Information Administration says that 672 million EVs – 31% — will be used in mobile fleets by 2050.

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