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Verizon today launched Business Internet Secure for small businesses, complete with Cisco Internet Security and Blackberry Smart Antivirus, designed at enhancing small business network security.

The announcement follows last week’s unveiling of Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure, which is included in select Verizon Business new unlimited plans.

Small businesses can be particularly vulnerable to data breaches because they don’t have the robust security protections of larger enterprises. According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 28% of data breach victims last year were small businesses.

Another issue is the move to remote work, where employees don’t have the same security precautions as in an office environment. More than one third (38%) of small businesses have moved to remote work, according to a Verizon Business Small Business Survey.

Remote employees use personal devices and have access to company networks via virtual private networks, which could expose sensitive information to potential cyberattacks. The reliance on remote workers, combined with the fact that less than one quarter (21%) of small businesses have implemented new technology to deal with security issues, demonstrates the need for small business to have better security solutions, according to Verizon.

“Small businesses are making the same adjustments to remote work as larger enterprises, but with fewer internal technical resources to handle the transition,” said Aamir Hussain, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business. “With Business Internet Secure, we provide easy-to-deploy solutions that help small business owners to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats.”

Verizon’s announcement about Verizon Business Internet Secure extends the trend of carriers concentrating on small businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted more people to remote working environments. Carriers with offers targeting this market include Comcast, Consolidated, and Cox Communications.

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