Verizon has opened a pair of 5G Experience Labs with two more planned in early December to provide subscribers and prospects a feel for how the technology could impact their lives.

The Labs are in the same markets where Verizon has launched 5G Home fixed wireless broadband.

In one demo, the “5G First Man” lets people experience walking in the shoes of Neil Armstrong as he takes off and lands on the moon. Sitting in a chair and wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset, individuals can see, hear and feel what it was like to ride in the Lunar Capsule.

In another demo, sports fans can test their skills in 5G VR basketball, shooting baskets with only a virtual hoop. Earlier this year, Verizon brought a similar experience to two NBA All-Star players with 5G-powered first-person goggles that had video cameras attached for some shooting practice.

Verizon opened the 5G Experience Labs in Sacramento and Indianapolis on Monday earlier this week, with labs in Houston and Los Angeles scheduled to open the first Monday in December.

According to the company, the labs enable visitors to experience how 5G will impact entertainment, sports, gaming and home internet service with a host of demonstrations. Visitors can see how 5G can support content streamed to a 4K TV and multiple devices while sitting on a couch in a mock living room. Additionally, gamers will be able to see how 5G will impact them by playing games on mobile devices connected to a video game controller wirelessly.

Image courtesy of flickr user Nan Palmero.

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