While it won’t match mania, it’s Verizon’s turn for the smartphone launch spotlight with the pending launch of the . AT&T is still riding the iPhone wave and even T-Mobile had their five seconds of smartphone fame with the . Now it’s Verizon’s turn. They’ve been prepping the market for the past few weeks with an “anticipatory” marketing campaign. Early reviews have been mixed. The “sure type” feature, where the touch screen gives you a touch or click sensation, looks like it’s going to be a love or hate relationship. There have been leaked stories about shortages at Verizon stores for the November 21st launch . Makes you wonder if that’s all part of the hype machine.

Give Verizon their due. They’ve , and really haven’t blinked. If the Storm is a hit, it may help them steal AT&T’s current fire. And it won’t have to match iPhone sales – won’t even have to come close. They’re already just a hair behind AT&T in terms of net new subscriber adds – without a smartphone hit. If the Storm catches any fire, it should put them over the top.

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