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Alpharetta, GA – (March 2024) – GOCare, a SaaS provider of digital Customer Experience software, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Velocity Network. Velocity Network is focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience over an advanced network to their growing subscriber base. The GOCare platform was selected by Velocity Network to optimize customer engagement with proactive notifications, enhanced self-help options, a unified UI for Agents, and real-time analytics and dashboards so decisions are made on the most timely and accurate information possible. GOCare solutions will integrate with other key Velocity Network partners including Calix and Sonar.

“Successful partnerships are rooted in values,” said Joel Deuterman, president and CEO of VNET. “We are excited to partner with GOCare because they share VNET’s commitment to best-in-class customer experience. GOCare’s close integration with our existing partners, Sonar and Calix, will allow us to further enhance our customers’ technical abilities as well as their overall client experience.”

“GOCare is excited to partner with Velocity Network and to continue our growing stable of Operator partners. The broadband industry recognizes the consumer preference for digital communications channels and the operators are increasingly aware of the significant operational gains those channels deliver to the customer service teams,” stated Mike Roddy, CEO of GOCare. “Customer Experience is the defining differentiator for operators today. We look forward to helping Velocity Network leverage GOCare and their existing Calix and Sonar Software investments to ensure the Velocity team has the most up to date information on their network and their customers in delivering the highest level of service possible,” concluded Roddy.

“This partnership marks a pivotal moment, where manual tasks are replaced by seamless automation, elevating the customer experience to unprecedented levels,” said Stephen Eyre, Vice President Calix Partner Community. “Nowadays, embracing the technology collaboration capabilities inherent in Calix Cloud is not just a choice but rather a necessity in driving innovation and enhancing our journey forward. We are excited to join forces with our partners to build a future where excellence is inherent, and every subscriber interaction reflects a commitment to unparalleled service.”

“Sonar Software is excited to partner with GOCare and Velocity Network. GOCare integrating their Customer Experience software with our full business-suite platform for ISPs enhances Velocity Network’s and our other mutual customer’s operational efficiencies, customer service and digital customer experiences. Together with partners like GOCare, Velocity Network and Calix, we are excited to set the stage for new and improved standards for service excellence and agility,” said CEO Ray Bixler.

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