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Digital infrastructure investment firm Ubiquity says that it will invest $100 million in open access fiber networks in Hutto and Killeen, TX. FiberFirst will be the project’s first tenant on the networks.

Ubiquity, which previously committed to a $75 million network earlier this year in Georgetown, TX, will spend $80 million in Killeen – the home of Fort Hood, a major U.S. Army base — and $20 million in Hutto. The networks will support current and future fiber applications for broadband providers, mobile carriers, governmental entities, utilities and edge computing providers, the company said.

“Ubiquity is excited to expand our open-access fiber investment across Texas,” Ubiquity Managing Director Greg Dial said in a press release. “This expansion accelerates Ubiquity’s existing fiber broadband operations and provides customers with a complete set of digital and sustainable energy solutions. As connectivity needs continue to increase, these high capacity, build once and connect all fiber networks will provide both added choice for customers and a fast track to additional smart city digital infrastructure.”

Dial told Telecompetitor that the Fort Hood army base community is on the Ubiquity roadmap. “Our initial focus in Killeen is to support the surrounding homes, businesses, enterprises and other smart city connectivity needs outside of Fort Hood,” he wrote in response to a question from Telecompetitor. “Our goal as a company is to expand to any areas that have a high-speed fiber need, so the base is absolutely something we are reviewing for future expansion.”

FiberFirst is a 100% fiber provider that offers multi-gigabit Internet connections and value-added services to residential and commercial clients.

Open Access Networks
There are several approaches to open access networks. As the name implies, at the highest level these networks offer infrastructure to multiple providers with which to reach residential and/or business customers.

Open access network operator SiFi Networks said last April that it plans to deploy fiber in 30 U.S. cities by the end of this year. The company – which also the FiberCity Aid digital inclusion program – allows other network operators to sell services on its network.

Another open access network variation is from Underline, which announced plans to serve Fountain, CO and Salinas, CA last month. The company is building the entire network, including the last mile. Tenants on the network will offer set pricing: $49 per month for 500/500 Mbps service, $65 per month for symmetrical 1 gigabit service and $295 per month for symmetrical 10 Gigabit. Micro enterprises will pay $79 per month for 500/500 Mbps and $95 per month for symmetrical 1 gigabit service.

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