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SANTA BARBARA, CA August 27, 2013 – TNCI Operating Company LLC, an entity formed by Garrison Investment Group (“Garrison”) and Blue Casa Telephone, announce the acquisition of UPH which includes Pac-West Telecomm Inc. With this acquisition, TNCI will operate Pac-West, PointOne and the UPH family of companies under the TNCI brand. Backed fully by Garrison, the management team at TNCI will ensure the quality of the brands remains at the same high level customers have grown accustom. The acquisition is scheduled to close the week of September 9, 2013.

This strategic transaction will cement TNCI as one of the premier telecommunications providers on the West Coast. Each of the acquired companies will be rebranded to align with the current TNCI brand with email and website domains redirecting to TNCI upon completion of integration.

“This acquisition adds to the robustness of TNCI’s network and the stability of the company, placing us on the path to becoming a national telecommunications Tier 1 provider of retail and wholesale services,” states Jeff Compton, CEO and President of TNCI. “TNCI will continue the benchmark network Pac-West has built on the West Coast supported by our unmatched industry expertise.”

“We are excited to continue to expand upon the assets of TNCI. The experienced executive leadership team at TNCI is well positioned to integrate the capabilities of Pac-West into its existing service offerings. We look forward to the future growth of this company,” added David Thompson, Jr., Director at Garrison Investment Group.

Once the acquisition takes effect, TNCI will increase its network footprint in the nine states throughout the Western United States, giving TNCI one of the most dense retail and wholesale networks in the region. TNCI will also leverage the solid Hosted PBX solution Pac-West operates to increase the efficiency and quality of the premium services provided by its newly acquired subsidiaries to its current customer base.

Press Release

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