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RICHARDSON, Texas — Taqua®, LLC, a leading supplier of next-generation wireline and wireless IP Multimedia switching and backhaul solutions, today announced that the Taqua’s T7000®  Intelligent Switching System (T7000) has been chosen to replace Siemens legacy Class 5 switches at Kalida Telephone Company, Medicine Park Telephone Company and  Community Telephone Companies.

Kalida Telephone Company has been serving Kalida, Ohio and the surrounding  area  in Northwest Ohio for over eighty years.   Kalida Telephone Co., which provides a wide variety of voice, cable, and broadband services to its subscriber base, purchased Taqua’s T7000 to replace its Siemens DCO.  “The T7000 is a flexible platform that fit our market requirements nicely,” said Chris Phillips, general manager of Kalida Telephone Company.  “Service and support was also important to us and we felt more comfortable with Taqua.”

Community Telephone Company has been providing telephone service to the city and surrounding area of Windthorst, Texas, located northwest of Dallas since 1948.  Medicine Park Telephone provides telephone service, to the business and residential subscribers in the South Eastern Oklahoma communities surrounding the city of Medicine Park.

The people behind Taqua’s T7000 were also a big part of Medicine Park Telephone Company’s decision to replace its Siemens EWSD at Medicine Park, Oklahoma and the Siemens DCO at Community Telephone Company in Windthorst, Texas.  “Taqua has a large installed base and strong history of replacing Class 5 switches, but we also felt more comfortable with their organization and that was very important to our decision,” said Edward Hillary, president of Medicine Park Telephone Company.  “This was more than an equipment decision for us. We wanted to select partner that would focus on us and help with our continued expansion.”

“Taqua has focused on serving the North American Class 5 switch replacement market for over 11 years and there can be no doubt to our dedication to this customer base,” said Scott Weidenfeller, chief marketing officer of Taqua, LLC.  “We are excited to add companies like Kalida, Medicine Park and Community to the Taqua family and look forward to working with them in the years to come in offering new and exciting services to their customers.”

Taqua’s T7000 Intelligent Switching System is a Class 4, Class 5, media gateway, and/or wireless media gateway and wireless media gateway controller in a single chassis.  With over 350 deployments, the T7000 has successfully replaced virtually every brand and vintage of Class 5 switch in North America. The T7000 is based on a patented “switch-on-a-card” design, in which all the functions of a Class 4/5 switch, wireless gateway or IMS element are performed on a single circuit pack. The T7000 can also streamline network routing and even act as Gateway MSC for optimizing routing. All features and services can be delivered over TDM or IP interfaces through hundreds of available access devices through GR303, SIP, MGCP, NCS, H.248 and a variety of 3GPP/3GPP2 protocols. This patented design leads to a substantial decrease in deployment costs and the ability to expand with TDM, IP, or wireless services on a “pay as you go basis.”

Press Release

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