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Running a broadband service provider operation today includes a complex web of backend systems that need to work in harmony. Getting all of the systems to work together is a symphony of sorts and requires careful planning and integration.

As providers look to improve their customer experience, this ‘symphony’ has never been more important. Key to a good CX is simplification across the entire customer journey. Finely tuned integrations of various systems are foundational to this simplification.

Through tight integrations, service providers can enable an event-based platform that is always in synch with various silos throughout the organization. This provides visibility into the entire operation, equipping customer support to serve customers more reliably, and quicker. Reps are now enabled to resolve problems with fewer steps, including single call resolution.

Integration Examples

One great example is electronic bill payments. Many customers welcome the opportunity to pay their bill electronically, using their payment method of choice. For broadband providers, the ability to offer that option in a seamless manner to the end customer often requires integration with third party payment processors like Paymentus or IPpay.

Business and operational support systems (B/OSS) need the ability to integrate with a variety of partners to add value to their customer experience. Other examples include backend integration with software delivery platforms, like Calix Support Cloud which can provide service and performance insights, or CRM platforms, like Checkpoint which can help manage growth through intuitive front end interfaces for prospects to indicate interest for and sign up for new services and features.

There is no shortage of integration opportunities that can help improve operations and in turn help drive a better CX. From third-party network monitoring to subscriber usage analytics to GIS applications, service providers need to ensure their B/OSS platform is built to easily enable the right integrations.

Integrations alone are not enough. Simplification is not only paramount for customers, but also for employees. Integrated B/OSS platforms must present information in intuitive ways for employees to be able to act upon it on behalf of customers. Tools like mobile apps, for example, empower employees with the data they need, when they need it most, to deliver the right CX.

CDG has worked closely with industry partners to deliver these types of integrations and has witnessed the CX improvements they can bring. Connect with us to learn more about this important industry trend.

This series features insight into important broadband industry issues from industry leaders.

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