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The broadband industry has an incredible opportunity ahead. Getting broadband access to everyone in the country, regardless of their location or economic circumstance, is within reach thanks to the wealth of both public and private funding that is now in play, including NTIA’s BEAD program.

Experienced broadband service providers, utilities, and municipals are now in a unique position to lead this charge of expanding broadband and significantly growing YOUR business as a result. To do so, you need a plan and the necessary tools to secure the grant funding that will be instrumental in helping achieve these important goals.

That’s where the Broadband.Money platform comes in. Our portal gives you the tools needed to tackle BEAD broadband grant applications through a cohesive step-by-step process. Everything you need from research, all the way through to winning, and all of the compliance and reporting management necessary after the fact.

Your three phase journey looks like this:

Phase I – Pre-Application Research and Development

  • Uncover areas of opportunity
  • Begin local coordination
  • Invite collaborators and consultants
  • Line up match capital

Phase II – Review and Submit Application(s)

  • Build one application profile
  • Apply to multiple programs
  • Obtain professional help
  • Export your application profile at any time

Phase III – Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting, and Performance Management

  • One-touch federal, state, and local reporting
  • Comply with agencies’ and capital providers’ reporting requirements
  • Keep partners informed through a dashboard
  • Includes active measurement reporting

Broadband.Money has developed specific guides to walk you through the entire broadband grant process. You can get started today by pre-enrolling and then immediately begin planning for your BEAD application.

Additional guides focus on obtaining matching funds, local coordination, and the challenge process, to name a few. There’s no need to wait. Competitors already have their plans underway and Broadband.Money has everything you need to get started today.

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