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March 14, 2019 — Dalhart, TX – Citing it as one of the easiest things they have ever put in and turned up, XIT General Manager Darrell Dennis says their company is in the process of upgrading their video software and Set Top Boxes (STBs) to the Innovative Systems solution.

Like most video providers, Dennis is challenged with the cost of content and the uncertainty of how customers are going to consume video in the future. Dennis stated that while broadband is their focus, it is table-stakes to be a full-service provider and felt with an aging video system and STBs an upgrade was necessary.

References Critical to the Decision
Dennis said that positive peer references in Texas as well as trade show demos of the Innovative solution and STBs were key in making their vendor choice for the upgrade. Another benefit for XIT is the ability to deliver video over ADSL, and the upgraded bandwidth management tools will allow them to deliver a competitive video service to customers who have not yet received fiber.

Middleware and STBs from One Vendor
XIT is also deploying the Innovative Systems Set Top Boxes (IS-5112W) and Dennis says the biggest advantage is the access point mode that allows one STB to wirelessly connect to four additional STBs. This has been helpful for XIT as it greatly reduces installation times and with Cloud DVR, they can focus their inventory on just one STB model, reducing the cost of stocking premise-based DVRs.

Press Release

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