, the College Station, Texas based university, will transition their current TDM telecommunications infrastructure to an all IP network over the next three years. The transition will be managed by under a new $20 million three year master services agreement. The new network will provide a single , eliminating the need for two separate voice and data networks. “Our traditional copper infrastructure was more than 50 years old in some areas, and we needed a long-term solution,” said Dr. Walt Magnussen, director for telecommunications at Texas A&M University in a Verizon Business press release. “By deploying state-of-the-art voice-over-IP technology, we can meet the long-term needs of students and faculty at the university for years to come.’’ Texas A&M has a 5,000 acre campus, 48,000+ students, and 2,800+ faculty. Both Verizon and Texas A&M hope to have 3,000 lines converted this year.

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One thought on “Texas A&M Converts to IP Telephony

  1. Combining voice & data is a great move forward for any business.

    Having a managed network for these services streamlines provisioning, support & allows your network to expand as the need arises.

    Copper is becoming more & more outdated. Fiber is taking over with faster voice & data speed and greater reliability.

    Texas A&M University – smart move!

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