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Dollar SignRevenue diversification may have never been more important than it is in today’s telecommunications marketplace. Local telephone companies realized long ago that continued reliance on regulated revenues alone wasn’t a good long term business strategy. Introducing new services, especially non-regulated services, has proven to be an effective diversification strategy for many carriers. But as the industry continues its frenetic evolution, many telecom carriers are now looking beyond these traditional diversification paths of services that include broadband, video, wholesale, business services, and others, to lines of business that aren’t necessarily telecom related at all.

Indeed, the path to effective diversification is broadening and telecom carriers would be wise to evaluate all opportunities, telecom related or otherwise. Take CDG client ITS Telecom in Florida. Long an innovative telecom service provider with a diversification strategy that includes a long list of telecom related services, ITS has also embraced non-telecom services for its services portfolio as well, including providing water services to their local community.

Citizens Telephone in Indiana provides another interesting diversification approach, offering storage unit rentals. In fact, a number of other CDG clients are expanding their scope by offering non-telecom services including housing rentals, medic alert services, and even sewer and trash services. While the importance of offering telecom based services for diversification including transport services, home security and monitoring, and wireless services cannot be understated, the emergence of these non-traditional service opportunities is worth noting and exploring.

Diversification also means partnership. The emergence of the smart grid and other IT related services provides a great opportunity for the telecom and electric utility industries to collaborate and partner for new services and new revenue. There are a growing number of great partnership examples between telecom carriers and electric utilities that build scale and offer significant revenue growth potential. Having success with diversification should include exploring partnership strategies both inside and outside of the telecom industry.

CDG is proud to support these diversification strategies for our clients by offering flexible and modular billing systems that easily integrate telecom and non-telecom services into single customer bills. Our clients have told us that revenue diversification will remain a priority and have challenged us to deliver the billing and data processing solutions required to support all variations of it. CDG is up to the challenge.


Interested in publishing a sponsored post to Telecompetitor? Contact us or call 240-450-2161.

Interested in publishing a sponsored post to Telecompetitor? Contact us or call 240-450-2161.

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