All smart grid ecosystem eyes will be on central Indiana as Central Indiana Power (CIP) and Hancock Telephone partner together to power a smart grid network, utilizing Hancock’s FTTH network. It’s a good example of a telco and a utility partnering together for smart grid.

The telco-utility partnership angle is one which is being discussed within all circles of the industry. It was a hot topic of debate at our recent SmartGrid Forum.

“It’s natural for telecoms and utilities to work together,” said Eric Murray, Tantalus President & CEO in a press release. “Many telecoms already supply their local electric coop with wireless or wired connectivity to substations. By collaborating with Hancock, CIP can extend connectivity to other points in the distribution network via the telecom’s existing infrastructure.  It’s a logical next step that will accelerate smart grid roll out, avoids the cost and complexity of building and maintaining two separate communications networks, and consolidates billing, customer service and many other business functions under one roof.”

Hancock and CIP are utilizing the Tantalus Homerun Network solution, which according to Tantulus automates “…meter readings, outage detection, and disconnect/reconnect procedures. Furthermore, it can help the utility optimize the network through 24/7 power quality monitoring at member homes and on distribution equipment in order to detect and often correct a potential problem before it impacts service.”

Hancock and CIP are currently in merger discussions to form a single cooperative which offers both electric and broadband services to its members. “Eighty-five percent of CIP and Hancock voters endorsed the merger agreement between the two coops,” said CIP President & CEO Tom Seng in a press release.

It’s a very interesting approach – one that is being watched with great interest by both the electric and broadband cooperative industries. In so doing, they’re leading the way among telco-utility partnerships for smart grid and its integration into an existing FTTH broadband network.

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3 thoughts on “Telco/Utility Partnership Powers Indiana SmartGrid Project

  1. I couldn't find any Tantalus units on their web page that support wired Ethernet — what's going to tie the FTTH to the meters?

  2. “It’s natural for telecoms and utilities to work together,” said Eric Murray, Tantalus President & CEO

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, …. such goes the many excuses of the Telco – Cellular – Cable industry to Americans. Thankfully Americans now have almost 30 alternative places to move to, purchase homes and live in a net neutral synchronous Internet FTTH world.

    If its so natural for them to work together, than why haven't they? Tell that to Greenlight and the citizens of Wilson, N.C; or EPB and the citizens of Chattanooga, TN; or LUS and the citizens of Layfette, LA; or Utopia and 16 communities in Utah…all of who despite objections, despite excuses, despite artifical telco/cable/wireless obstructions listened to their citizens and put FTTH in anyway.

    Where's the synchronous, net neutral un throttled fiber? Here:

    And the ability to run cloud servers, file servers, etc… per their terms of service…finally businesses that are honestly helping American Consumers….finally, after all its been over 30 years since 1990 when telcos took American tax money (grants + fees + addl taxes) and received over $900 Billion to provide one thing…fiber. Fiber To The Home, full FTTH, not fttp, fttc, fttx, but full blown synchronous FTTH. Anything less is a waste of time and money and not serving Americans.

    10Mb/10Mb for either $34.95 or $28.95 who wants that…all Americans raise their hands. Even EPB offers 30Mb/30Mb for $57,99 which is cheaper than most American's Cable Internet connections which are all throttled, restricted and limited to below the FCC definition for High Speed Broadband.

    The future is FTTH, nothing less. With FTTH there is HOPE! With FTTH there will be job creation! Think about it!

    Put FTTH as the #1 issue on your new/used home shopping list, why settle for less. . . ?

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