Telcos may have a competitive advantage with the burgeoning online gaming business. Not to be confused with gambling, the online gaming business which includes massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORG) is expected to have significant growth in the U.S., and telecom carriers are aiming to leverage their assets to take advantage of it. Much more popular in Asia, MMORG is beginning to take hold in the U.S.

MMORGs place massive burdens on broadband networks because they are bandwidth intensive. But it goes well beyond a fat pipe into the home, and that is where telcos may have an advantage. Within the network, assets like well distributed data centers, disaster recovery, and business continuity are desirable by game developers and distributors. The well entrenched telecom network in the U.S. lends itself to offering this reliable infrastructure, and telcos are beginning to realize that the gaming industry is a desirable business partner.

Find out more in this expansive Billing World article.

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