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Madison, Wis – (May 20, 2013) — TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) announced today it has updated their TDS TV Microsoft Mediaroom platform to version 2.3. TDS TV customers with Mediaroom gain more than a dozen new features and options, giving them more control over their TV-watching experience.

Some of the new TDS TV features include:

  • A customizable local weather application.
  • Enhanced menus with new programming categories and shortcuts to commonly used commands.
  • Multiple favorite lists for each set-top box.
  • Personal media capabilities allow sharing of photos and music on TVs using a USB drive on the TV or personal computer.

“We want TDS TV to complement our customers’ lifestyles and needs,” said Kari Gray, product manager for TDS. “This upgrade gives all of our customers more options and more control over their TV-watching experience. Plus, they make TDS TV even more intuitive and easy-to-use.”

Gray sees the new upgrades as an extension of existing media trends. She says, “Our customers are looking for products that change and evolve according to their needs—TDS TV is one of them. We will continue to watch industry trends and look for opportunities to add new channels and features to enhance TDS TV.”

All current TDS TV Mediaroom customers will receive the upgrade automatically and free of charge. Details are posted on Channel 1.

Since first introducing TDS TV in 2008, TDS has invested $25-30 million to deploy TV service across the country. TDS TV is currently available in parts of Tenn., Ga., Minn., and Wis.

For additional information about the new TDS TV features, visit or call 866-44-TDSTV.

Press Release

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