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TDS Telecom reports that it screened more than 30 million calls and blocked 4.9 million suspected illegal calls in June. The information was part of an update of TDS’s implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN anti-robocall protocol.

STIR/SHAKEN stands for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) and Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs (SHAKEN). The FCC’s deadline to implement the protocol in the IP portions of carrier networks is today (June 30).

TDS introduced STIR/SHAKEN in California in January and subsequently rolled it out in its 31-state footprint. “Unwanted calls, including those that falsify Caller ID information, can result in fraud as well as pose a danger to public safety,” Andrew Petersen, TDS’ senior vice president of corporate affairs, said in a press release about the TDS STIR/SHAKEN implementation. “On behalf of TDS, I’d like to thank the members of Congress and the FCC for their leadership on this important consumer protection program.”

STIR/SHAKEN rules were adopted by the FCC in March 2020. They enable carriers to verify that the caller ID information transmitted with a call matches the caller’s number. The goals are to combat spoofing by identifying calls that are falsely identified before they reach the target number. Spoofers falsely identify calls to make it more likely that called parties will answer the phone.

TDS is just one of numerous companies that must implement STIR/SHAKEN.

On March 17, Verizon said that it was exchanging more than 24 million calls daily with U.S. wireless carriers using STIR/SHAKEN. The carrier claimed to have protected more than 75 million customers for more than 10 billion spam calls.

A week later, T-Mobile said that was partnering with Spectrum Voice from Charter Communications on STIR/SHAKEN and claimed to be working with all major networks in the US on the protocol. The company said that it had protected more than 80 million customers from more than 33 billion possible spam calls.

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2 thoughts on “TDS Telecom Updates its STIR/SHAKEN Progress as FCC Deadline Hits

  1. What is so funny this is a bunch of crap! I still get spoofing on my system every day. The real issue is the government is passing the buck to the carriers. When they tax us to hell and back, they have other companies carry the load. The FCC and other agencies are a joke and need to be abolished since they do nothing for the American people other than tax us and do nothing to protect the American People. Then they turn around and sell our bandwidth to foreign companies.

    1. I have identity theft and that was not me Ory Lynn penny Jr is in my phone through my IP address metro PCs regonizes it I’m getting accused of everything but I won’t let him win he was my ex 7 years ago he told me I would make my life miserable and he kept his promise. I also have a letter from IRS saying my identity was stolen from china indosinia and other countries I have nothing can’t pay my bills I had PayPal sycronerney bank with the money they owed me plus my taxes my name is Joellen Oswalt and this so unfair he gets in my phone he has changed everything no one will help me I need help

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