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Nearly $50,000 in savings over 5 years with hosted VoIP

Unprecedented economic times are forcing business owners to make unprecedented decisions. Whether it’s time to consider replacing the copier, buying new computers, or upgrading the communications system, these days the final decision rests upon the question: “Will I get a return on my investment?”

When it comes to the telephone and data network, essential to every businesses success, the answer is “yes” according to TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®), especially when it comes to a hosted IP (Internet Protocol) solution.

With the improvements in technology, equipment, and availability of hosted IP solutions, the cost savings in the first year can exceed $20,000. Over five years, the savings can add up to nearly $50,000. In addition, hosted IP solution providers, like TDS, maintain responsibility for system maintenance and equipment upgrades. The bottom line: no unexpected expenses and the equipment never becomes obsolete.

How it works

Take for example a company with 20 employees, each with a phone line and Internet connection. Click to view a price comparison between a traditional PBX system and the TDS managedIP solution.

In addition to the cost-savings, hosted IP solutions can help small- and medium-sized businesses:

• Increase productivity and operational efficiencies, generating more bottom-line impact.

• Realize greater mobility and flexibility for employees with remote office features, simultaneous ring, call forwarding, and email notification of messages, leading to increased employee satisfaction.

• Quickly and easily get new employees up and running on the system with a few clicks of the mouse, eliminating the need to hire additional technical resources.

• Maintain call control; each employee decides which callers reach them anytime, anywhere while keeping private numbers private, providing greater work-life balance.

The phone remains the customer’s first point of contact with a business. The communications system can be a business asset, generating cost savings and improving mobility, flexibility and productivity. Learn more at or call 1-866-9-TDSBIZ (1-866-983-7249).

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  1. If you are interested in purchasing TDS managed IP or viewing a demo, consider calling a consultant who can ensure you will get the best deal possible and add value added services such as project implementation, invoice auditing, and trouble ticket escalation services for free.

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