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Today (June 9), TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) announces it’s collaborating with Sprint to offer MPLS-VPN (Multi-Protocol Label Switching-Virtual Private Network). A multi-location data service, MPLS-VPN is managed, end-to-end, by TDS to provide businesses with a secure and reliable network anywhere in the U.S.

MPLS-VPN allows businesses with multiple locations in the U.S., to interconnect local area networks over a single private MPLS network. With MPLS-VPN, businesses can consolidate separate voice, data, and Internet networks into one network. Because all traffic is on a private MPLS network, the data traffic never passes through the public Internet—reducing the risk of outages and helping protect against intrusion. Sprint is providing their award-winning world-class IP network, which will serve as the backbone for this suite of products.

With MPLS-VPN, businesses set the traffic prioritization, up to seven traffic classes — from premium voice traffic to business traffic and best effort email. The goal: improving overall bandwidth utilization, which saves time and money.

“The addition of a multi-location telecommunications infrastructure and a private, prioritized data transport network to the TDS’ suite of managed services allows businesses to work with a single provider that can deliver a comprehensive communications solution,” says Tom Canfield, vice president of Commercial Marketing and Product Development for TDS. “Through our partnership with Sprint, we’ll leverage their network to deliver reliable, more efficient solutions with a guaranteed quality of service our customers need and want to do their business successfully.”

Vendor-partner Sprint operates a secure wide-area network covering 165 countries and more than 1,300 global pops, which will fully support credit card and healthcare industry security requirements.

“Sprint is committed to providing TDS and its customers with a MPLS VPN offering that delivers enhanced features and a high quality end user experience,” says Dan Dooley, president of Sprint Wholesale. “We are proud to be the first global service provider to receive the Cisco ‘IP VPN Multiservice QoS’ certification. Together with TDS, we’re in a position to meet the growing demands of businesses across the country.”

TDS MPLS-VPN features:

• Multiple products and applications travel over the same pipe.

• Customer decides on the communication priority (e.g., voice and video go first, data second, and email last) and can set up to seven classifications.

• TDS installs, configures, and turns up the router at each customer premise.

• In partnership with Sprint the system is monitored 24/7; any indications of “trouble” are cared for immediately.

Press Release

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