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June 12, 2019 — TDS customers’ home internet and TV experience has changed for the better in Mead, Colorado.

TDS is now offering residential internet packages from 100 to 600Mbps, all-digital TV service, new TV channels, and TV Everywhere, which allows customers to watch TV via their computer, tablet, or phone – anywhere they have access to the internet.

“TDS has recently made substantial investments in our Mead network and customers will now see significant changes in internet speeds and TV offerings,” says Julie Maiers, vice president of Marketing and Product Development at TDS. “The way consumers watch TV is changing and TDS is adding new products and services to keep up with these new viewing habits.”

TDS Telecom announced in October 2017 that it purchased the cable and broadband assets and business of K2 Communications, LLC. Over the last 18 months, TDS invested millions in upgrading the network, and migrated customers from a low-level analog video signal to a higher-quality all-digital system. TDS is now ready to offer new innovative products and services that will provide customers in Mead with a much improved internet, TV and phone experience.

Customers and households who have multiple users and multiple devices connected simultaneously will find TDS’ high-speed internet plans to be a welcome improvement.

Residential customers can learn more at or by calling 1-855-771-3961.

Business Customers
Internet speeds start at 50Mbps and range up to 600Mbps for business customers. “Speeds up to 600Mbps enable faster connections, which means improved workplace efficiency,” said Maiers.  “These speeds also support higher quality video for improved video-conferencing experiences.”

Businesses can learn more at or by calling 1-844-672-9195.

Press Release

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