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August 5, 2022 – TDS Telecommunications LLC (TDS®) launched its fiber network to several neighborhoods in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The TDS Fiber network will connect more than 15,000 homes and businesses and delivers internet speeds of up to 2Gig. This summer, TDS also launched its all-digital TV service TDS TV®+.

“We are thrilled to bring our fiber network and digital TV services to Mooresville,” says TDS Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs Drew Petersen. “With TDS Fiber, residents can ready their home for the future, along with delivering exceptional and reliable bandwidth for businesses and residents.”

With speeds up to 2Gig, it’s possible to download a typical two-hour, 4K movie in under a minute.

In Mooresville, TDS will offer services in the Atwater Landing, Belk, Bells Crossroads, Doolie Meadows, Gabriel Estates, Harbor View, Mayhew, Parkmount, Pecan Hills, and Waterlynn neighborhoods. As part of our informational and sales campaign to customers in these neighborhoods, TDS associates will be going door-to-door where we are constructing this new network of services.

TDS associates will be wearing apparel with our logo prominently displayed. Our associates will have a name badge and can provide customers with an identification card. If residents decide to sign up for TDS services, they will be asked to swipe their credit card on a card-reading machine. TDS associates do not have access to the credit card information. TDS uses a secure, third-party vendor to collect and safeguard your credit card information.

Why TDS goes door-to-door?
TDS has found many residents prefer a face-to-face discussion about our high-quality products and services. Alternatively, area residents can visit to research and learn about our products and to register for service.

Press Release

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