Many service providers have offered so called ‘price for life’ campaigns that promise to keep prices stable over the long term. Telcos have used this strategy as a way to capitalize on the perception that cable companies raise their pricing regularly. But cable companies have also used this tactic. TDS, the Madison, Wi based service provider with 1.1 million access lines across 30 states, is the latest to do so. Price for Life campaigns have become popular during these hard economic times for obvious reasons, but there hasn’t been any clear indication of their effectiveness.

For TDS, the price for life campaign applies to broadband services that are bundled. Guaranteed price for life packages include a 1.5 Mbps service for $24.95/mo to a 10 Mbps service for $39.95/mo. Customers must bundle at least a landline with broadband to qualify for the price for life promotion. TDS claims customers can save up to $180 per year over previous pricing with the new promotion.

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